Rendez-vous le 15 septembre à la conférence virtuelle en anglais de IPEMA : « Practical solutions to the issue of piglet castration »

jeudi 27 août 2020
par  Claire BENES
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La réunion finale en anglais du groupe IPEMA sur les solutions pratiques à l’abandon de la castration des porcelets aura lieu mardi 15 septembre 2020 de 10h à 12h.

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The meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th September 2020, 10-12h. Registration to the 2 hour meeting is free. Further to participating in the meeting, registration gives you access to a questions/answers forum and more detailed information on the available practical solutions.

Aims of the meeting : Scientists representing the IPEMA group share their views on practical solutions to the issue of piglet castration. The information provided is science-based and updated for the newest developments. - The IPEMA group has been working together for 4 years within a COST action funded by the EU ( . Please have a look at the 2 minute video announcing our meeting : ( ;feature=youtu.be ; ) Get more information on pros and cons of the various available solutions in our 6 minute information video :

Organisation :

Virtual meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2020, 10-12h

Part 1 (10:00-10:45) : 6 short presentations from IPEMA leading scientists Topics and questions relevant for farmers, slaughterhouses, meat processors, retailers, consumers, citizens and policy makers (Ulrike Weiler, Germany and Michel Bonneau, France) How can we manage pork quality at production level ? (Catherine Larzul, France and Giuseppe Bee, Switzerland). How can we manage pork quality at slaughter and processing levels ? (Maria Font I Furnols, Spain and Martin Škrlep, Slovenia) How can we manage animal welfare ? (Eberhard von Borell, Germany) Is the market ready ? (Gé Backus, Netherlands) Are consumers open to it ? (Marijke Aluwé, Belgium)

Part 2 (10:45-11:15) : Panel discussion with stakeholders (moderated by Daniel Mörlein, Germany and Gé Backus, Netherlands)

Part 3 (11:15-12:00) : Questions and Answers

More detailed information will be sent to registered participants ahead of the meeting - Registered participants may ask questions in advance using a Padlet platform. All relevant questions will receive an answer in writing from IPEMA scientists directly on the Padlet platform. Selected questions will be answered orally during part 3 of the meeting.

How to participate ?

Register, using the form available at - Registration is free - Registered participants will receive within a few days after registration, a link to the Padlet platform to enter their questions a few days before the meeting on Tuesday 15th September 2020

(a link to the Zoom conference -> More detailed information on the issue of alternatives to piglet castrations from the point of view of Breeding and Genetics, Nutrition, Management & Housing, Meat Quality, Processing Industry, Consumer & Market...)

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